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Yalla Learn ANIMALS!

This wipe clean animal book is perfect for children learning how to write arabic letters and numbers.

Children can trace the letters and practice pen control as well as learning animal names in arabic!

The best bit is that they can practice over and over again, all you have to do is wipe the pages!

YALLA travel with Asad around the world!

Visit different countries whilst learning how to join letters in arabic!

This is a fun book introducing the names of countries around the world in arabic!

Focusing on the arabic letter form at the beginning, middle and end of a word, your little ones will understand how letters change depending on their position in the arabic word.

The book comes with additional counting activities!

  • The first line has the main arabic letter and is useful for letter recognition and hand writing skills

  • The second line has the letters in the process of joining so you can see how the letter changes when it comes to joining

  • Finally the third line has the full word joined

Remember to wipe the pages so you can practice over and over again!

Join Asad and Ali on their adventures to learn more about RAMADAN!

A new page to colour in each day with authentic duaas and narrations from the prophet ﷺ.

This colouring book would be a great activity alongside the 30 Days Of Ramadan puzzles.

It is the colouring in version of the puzzles, so your little ones can bring the puzzles to life as there own daily masterpieces.

We hope you love this product and make great memories this ramadan!

" A little bit of excitement each day"

Colouring book size is A4